Discharged patient follow-up survey research

The Korea Heart Foundation is conducting a follow-up survey and research to help patients and caregivers live a better life.
We are conducting research on the health condition and quality of life of congenital heart disease patients after discharge from surgery done with the support from the Foundation.

Heart disease treatment status survey

Our foundation is investigating the current status of heart disease treatment in Korea by targeting 70 hospitals nationwide. These data are used as statistical data and medical support projects are carried out based on the data.

Best Paper Award

In order to encourage academic activities in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, we have established a Best Paper Award to support academic activities in the field of medicine.
The Best Paper Award is given by selecting an excellent paper that is presented at the conferences of the Korean Pediatric Society, the Korean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, and the Korean Society of Cardiology to help the continuance of research on heart disease in Korea.