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Established in 1984 to help patients in difficult economic conditions with surgery expenses, the Korea Heart Foundation is doing a variety of activities to help our neighbors suffering from diseases to live a healthy and happy life.

The Korean Heart Foundation has grown into a foundation that can help not only domestic patients but also children with heart disease in developing countries. In addition, we operate a medical training program in developing countries to support them so that they can save patients with pediatric heart disease in their country without getting help from other countries.

We were able to offer hope and share with many neighbors who need help because many people including supporters, medical staff, hospital staff, volunteers, etc., came together with one heart. Is incerely thank all those who have contributed to the Korea Heart Foundation.

Employees of the Korea Heart Foundation promise to do their best to run the Foundation honestly and transparently. I look forward to your continued interest and love so that we can work with you in saving lives in the future as well.

Thank you.